Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Drawings Acceptance

Air Control prepares layout drawings, schematics, and parts list of all products, for customer approval. Fabrication of the products will not begin until the drawings and specifications have been signed off.


Customers are urged to visit our factory during fabrication of the products or system, and to perform acceptance inspection and testing before shipment. Air Control will provide space and necessary utilities for customer performed test.

FOB Point

Products are shipped FOB our factory docks. Customer is responsible for claims against carrier for shipping damages. Air Control will assist customer by providing necessaryinformation to file claim.


Air Control warranties its products (except for consumable items such as filters and lamps) for a period of one year from date of purchase (date of shipment from our docks). Liability is limited exclusively to repair or replacement of the defective parts.

Terms of Payment 

  1. Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice. After a net period of 30 days, aservice charge of 1-1/2%/month is assessed upon all open accounts. Partial accounts will be separately billed, and payment is due 30 days from date of invoice. Engineering costs on large systems are invoiced in advance of final approval of project design and manufacture. Note: Bank Letter of Credit required on all orders from outside United States.
  2. Withholding of part or all of payments due until a multi-delivery order is completely received, installed, and operational, or to insure action by Air Control in the event of a warranty problem is unnecessary and unacceptable. Any withheld payment is subject to the monthly service charge.
  3. When a customer requires us to hold all or part of an order for shipment after the purchase order scheduled delivery date, Air Control may require a storage charge. The order will be billed to the customer after completion of the equipment or on the Purchase Order scheduled delivery date, whichever occurs later.

Product Returns

The return of any products must first be authorized by Air Control. Specific shipping instructions, receiving address, and a Return Control No. required for accounting purposes will be provided.

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee of 15% will be charged on any orders that are cancelled while in the engineering stages. Orders cancelled after work has begun are charged based on expenses incurred by Air Control to that point.

Acceptance of Terms

By issuing a purchase order, the buyer accepts these Terms and Conditions of Sale in entirety with no supersecedance by any other written or verbal arrangement, contract or terms.