Microvoid Glove Boxes & Containment Equipment

Air Control has been a leading supplier of systems to the clean air and controlled environment industry since 1959. We offer unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of containment equipment, and are innovators in the field of Barrier Isolation Technology.

stainless steel glovebox

There is an ever-increasing emphasis on the need for reliable, dust-free, sterile environments for industries such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and textile industries. MICROVOID clean air systems provide assured operator protection from hazardous powders, chemical vapors and fibers, as well as ultra clean conditions for critical processes.

MICROVOID containment equipment is designed to achieve validated levels of potent substance control, providing protection for people, product and the environment, all while removing risks of product cross-contamination.

MICROVOID builds and supports containment systems for all applications across the HIERARCHY OF TECHNOLOGIES spectrum shown below.

table of hierarchy of technologies


In a MICROVOID clean containment system, HEPA filtered clean air pushes contaminated particles down and away from the operators breathing zone, providing ultra-clean breathing air. The contaminated air is then filtered and recirculated, eliminating the need to exhaust costly conditioned air.  Hazardous particles are captured within a “safe change” filtration system.  Fixed workstations and localized barriers are engineered into the system to facilitate productive working conditions and minimize operator mistakes.

MICROVOID systems are engineered, constructed and tested under the highest quality control standards.  Materials of construction include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, safety glass and polymers. Filtration systems will be selected depending on the characteristics and volumes of materials being handled. Filter options include HEPA bag in/bag out, and charcoal filters.

MICROVOID containment equipment ranges from low cost tabletop units to custom designed mini-environments. All models are flexible and can be portable. For over 40 years MICROVOID has been designed with the reliability and performance characteristics that have made our units the recognized quality standard in this field!