Your project is subject
to rigorous final testing
before our label goes on
and your unit shipped.

Pride in workmanship
is further quality

Quality control of all MICROVOID® products is designed into the manufacturing process.

Quality of all components is checked and double checked using a unique-to-the-project testing and validation schedule. (See Design Step 3 for more details this schedule.)

Testing and specification validation is performed by each department during the manufacturing process. All subsystems are checked and tested against the schedule as required.

A quality control team double checks departmental work on the production floor throughout every step of the manufacturing process. All components must meet or exceed the testing and validation schedule before final assembly.

During final assembly, components are tested again for trim and fit. Once assembly is complete the equipment is moved to the final testing station, where it is subjected to a rigorous final inspection before our nameplate is applied and the unit is prepared for shipment.

The pride and work ethic of Air Control's experienced engineers and skilled craftspeople, coupled with our unique testing and validation process ensure that your project meets or exceeds the highest standards. Our customers know that they can rely on our products.