Class 100 Softwall Cleanroom


Modular, Relocatable
Hardwall Cleanroom

MICROVOID® portable cleanrooms are available with clear vinyl curtains (SOFTWALL) or rigid non-shedding wall systems (HARDWALL).

Softwall Cleanrooms

MICROVOID® Softwall Low Profile Vertical Laminar Flow Cleanrooms feature a variable number of MICROVOID® 4LP (low profile) fan-powered HEPA clean air modules, mounted on an aluminum grid which is bolted to coated, tubular steel legs. The cleanroom can be easily assembled or disassembled and relocated by two persons with simple hand tools.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

MICROVOID® Hardwall Vertical Laminar Flow Cleanrooms can be supplied in many configurations to meet your specific process needs. All feature modular, relocatable, hardwall components.

Common Features

  • Recessed or tear-drop fluorescent lighting provides in excess of 150 foot candles of illumination at work surface height.
  • Noise level conforms to OSHA standards.
  • The MICROVOID® portable cleanroom utilizes easy-change prefilters and final HEPA (or ULPA) filters, ensuring air cleanliness standards of CLASS 10 to 100,000 (Fed. Std. 209E).
  • Units are available in most sizes.
  • Many options are available including MICROVOID® pass-throughs, doors, windows, gowning areas, garment storage cabinets, and cleanroom casters for easy portability.

This flexible, portable, one-pass system is the most economical and quick way to achieve a superior cleanroom process environment!

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