Class 100 VLF
Sit-Down Workstation

HLF Wall Units
(Clean Tunnels)

Low Profile HEPA
VLF Portable Unit

Large VLF Fan-powered
HEPA Units

VLF Station Designed
for trace metals analysis
and wet processing

Hardwall Portable
Clean Environments


The MICROVOID® line of laminar flow (LF) workstations is comprehensive! Just about any process area requiring a Class 10+ air cleanliness rating can be accommodated by one of the MICROVOID® LF models!

Standard MICROVOID® Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF) models include:
  • Sit-down, console-style workbenches.
  • Tabletop, portable clean zone stations.
  • HLF wall units (clean tunnels).

  • Reverse-flow (RF) series of particle entrapment units for operator protection.

Standard MICROVOID® Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF) models include:

  • Sit-down or tabletop VLF station.
  • Low-profile fan-filtered HEPA modules.
    (2' x 2', 2' x 4', 2' x 6').
  • Low profile HEPA portable units.

  • Large VLF fan-powered HEPA units
    (up to 10' x 4').

  • Unique one-piece, non-metallic exhausted VLF station designed for trace metal analysis and wet processing.

  • Inexpensive tabletop VLF units.

  • MICROVOID® softwall and hardwall portable clean environments.

All MICROVOID® LF equipment may be purchased stand-alone, supplied with supporting metal leg stands or ceiling mountable hardware, or as part of a cleanroom or workstation.

All LF units may have work decks, side and rear walls, exhaust plenums, vented base cabinet storage, casters, etc.  A full array of electrical and plumbing services are available. All units may be constructed in stainless steel, coated steel, polypropylene, and laminates.

All MICROVOID® Laminar Flow equipment exceeds cleanliness levels outlined in Federal Standard #209E.

You may request additional information on any of our products by sending us an information request.