Microvoid® FH25-SS


Air Control's MICROVOID® line of polypropylene hoods were the first non-corrosive models on the market. Since 1959, we have been applying our unparalleled expertise to the fume hood market. We are a leading manufacturer of sophisticated acid and stainless steel solvent fume hoods and wet process stations for many industries.

Microvoid® fume hood models include:

  • Non-metallic, corrosion-resistant hoods for trace metals analysis.
  • One-piece exhausted fume hoods with built-in CLASS 10+ laminar flow air flow.
  • Large walk-in fume hoods.
  • Stainless steel solvent fume hoods.
  • Inexpensive tabletop models

As with all quality products manufactured by Air Control, your fume hood may be specified in custom sizes, with a wide choice of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical options.

All MICROVOID® fume hoods are designed to the customer's exact specifications to operate efficiently and safely for many years, while meeting all applicable OSHA and safety codes, including SEFA, ASHRAE 110-1995, and FM-4910.

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