The Air Control design team includes electrical and structural engineers and employs state-of-the-art design tools.



Air Control's many years of experience in designing custom solutions for our clients has led to the development of a highly refined design procedure to insure world-class quality in our products.

These procedural steps allow Air Control to provide custom solutions at costs comparable to stock solutions. Built-in quality control measures and continual testing are integral to our design step mission.

Our skilled craftsman follow a custom definition unique to each project. This definition allows parallel manufacturing steps to take place, streamlining assembly and defining quality standards and testing procedures.

Design step summary

  1. Define process with client
  2. Write and gain approval of specs
  3. Generate internal test document tailored to address each aspect of specific unit
  4. Design system, obtain customer approval before fabrication;
  5. Develop user documentation
  6. Fabricate structural shell,
    and simultaneously. . .
  7. Fabricate electrical and electronic subsystems, and;
  8. Fabricate plumbing subsystems
  9. Final assembly
  10. Testing and shipment

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