T- 985 Multi-Wash System, with Transparent Lid

Key to Standard Features
  1. Spray nozzles
  2. Low flow DI reclaim port (optional)
  3. Perforated stand-off shelf
  4. DI water inlet fast/slow flow
  5. Pneumatic quick dump valve
  6. Nitrogen inlet for agitation
  7. Overflow weir
  8. Tank drain
  9. Fabricated from 1/4" white polypropylene construction with formed tank bottom
  10. Resistivity probe (optional)
  11. Work surface segment 1/2" thick
  12. Hinged lid with handle

A single-compartment all-polypro tank with easily adjustable electrical and plumbing controls, which automatically quenches and washes two loaded wafer carriers. The system provides standby low flow DI water, timed high flow DI water wash with cascade overflow and N2 agitation, quick dump of the contaminated tank water, spray rinse, tank fill, and cycle repeat.  Each of the six parameters is adjustable over a broad range


  • Resistivity monitor with probe.
  • Auto recycle resistivity probed control.
  • Dual dump valve and DI reclaim feature.
  • Low flow DI reclaim port
  • Standard logic or Model #1201 microprocessor control with acid resistant membrane-type control panel.
T-987 Multi-Wash System, with Open Top

Similar to T-985 (above) except that spray nozzles are located obliquely on formed sides and top is open to accommodate automated wafer transfer systems.