T- 939 Multi-Stage Transfer System

Key to Standard Features
  1. Motor box
  2. 1/8 Hp motor
  3. Work surface
  4. Work surface support
  5. Support structure subassembly
  6. Process tank
  7. Wafer basket
  8. Basket carrier adapter
  9. Base plate
  10. Drive shaft
  11. Bracket
  12. Bearing block
  13. Sprocket
  14. Chain
  15. Crank arm
  16. Removable cover


A multi-staged transfer system with a variable number of sets of synchronized rotary transport arms located front and rear of station between process tanks. In operation, the operator will place an assembly consisting of one or two wafer carriers with handles locked to a single cross bar into the first etch tank, and push start button. After completion of the first timed etch cycle, the arms will make one revolution, transferring carriers into the second tank, and the next timed cycle is begun.

At the end of each timed cycle, the carriers are moved one tank to the right, and the operator is alarmed to remove any carriers from last tank and to place new carriers into the first tank. System includes dedicated control logic, adjustable transfer rate, immersion time, wash and dump times, and photo-electronic sensors in each tank for safety.

The important advantages of the T-939 system include reduced labor costs, high system reliability, improved process reproducibility and process flexibility trade offs.