T- 937 Automatic Transfer System

Key to Standard Features
  1. Electrical panel
  2. Etch timer
  3. Stop etch switch
  4. Start switch
  5. Load/unload switch
  6. Multi-wash timer
  7. Removable motor
  8. transfer arm assembly
  9. Work surface
  10. Multi-wash tank
  11. Etch tank
  12. Carrier handle adapter
  13. Vent slots top and bottom


The T-937 Transfer System will, on command, transport up to two 5 inch diameter wafer carriers from a loading position to an etch tank, mechanically agitate the carriers in the etchant solution, remove the carriers after a preset etch time, and transport the carriers to a T-987 Multi-Wash System where the wafers are automatically quenched, washed, sprayed and held under water.  Finally, upon a second command, the carriers are transported again to the load-unload position, ready for manual removal.

The important advantages of the T-937 system include:

  • Improved reproducibility - of the etch and wash process.
  • Utmost in operator safety - deeply recessed tanks with etching located to the station rear.
  • Reduced labor costs - frees up operator for other duties.
  • System flexibility - can be quickly set up or changed to fit the customer's process requirements.
  • System reliability - all exposed and moving parts fabricated of non-corrosive polypro or PVC.  All electrical parts enclosed in non-corrosive, clean air vented compartment.