T- 926 Etch Tank - Heated Quartz Vessel Modutek Q Series

Key to Standard Features
  1. Digital readout temperature controller with membrane technology
  2. Process thermocouple
  3. Molded quartz process vessel (PTFE available on Q8 model only)
  4. PVDF process vessel cover (optional)
  5. Lip exhaust
  6. Viton vessel gasket
  7. Insulating material
  8. Grid heater
  9. Formed white polypropylene vessel housing
  10. Aspivalve drain (optional)
  11. Power harness
  12. Work surface segment
  13. Polypropylene vessel housing cover (optional)
  14. Over-temperature thermocouple (mounted on exterior wall of process vessel)


  • Magnetic stirrer (Air Driven).
  • Drain, Aspirator.
  • Process vessel cover (PVDF).
  • Vessel housing cover (polypro).
  • 110 VAC operation.
  • Teflon process vessel (Q8 model only)