T- 925 Acid Recirculating Filtration System

Key to Standard Features
  1. Process tank

  2. Overflow weir
  3. Tank drain
  4. Inlet
  5. Storage tank
  6. Fill cap
  7. Ball valve to drain storage tank
  8. Removable cover
  9. Pump
  10. Vent to exhaust system
  11. Filter housing
  12. Storage tank drain
  13. Three-way ball valve


  • 0.2 micrometer filtration at approximately 5 gpm provided by replaceable Millipore polypro filter cartridge and 1/8 hp. sealless pump.
  • Remote filtration chamber may be mounted below or at rear of station for easy servicing and increased work deck space.
  • May be combined with T-924 system for precise control of acid temperature, 10o - 65o C.