T- 924 Etch Tank - Subambient, To 10o C - 65o C

Key to Standard Features
  1. Refrigeration unit
  2. Remote control module
  3. PTFE sleeved Thermocouple
  4. Work surface segment 1/2" thick
  5. Liquid level sensor with alarm (optional)
  6. Cooling coils
  7. Drain (optional)
  8. Fabricated from 1/4" white polypropylene with formed tank bottom
  9. Lip exhaust (optional)

  • Lip exhaust ports in side walls.
  • Manual, electric, or pneumatic valve controlled bottom drain.
  • Aspirator for tank drainage.
  • Liquid level sensor with alarm.
  • Audio visual timer for monitoring etch cycle.
  • Tank cover.
  • Standard tank sized to accommodate two 5 inch diameter wafer carriers.  Other tank sizes available.
T- 923 Etch Tank - Ambient

Similar to T-924 (above) but without cooling coils, refrigeration unit, thermocouple and liquid level sensor.