T- 921 Etch Tank - High Temperature, To 200o C

Key to Standard Features
  1. Digital readout temperature controller with proportional control, accuracy of ± 0.25% of span
  2. Cut out in work surface
  3. Lip exhaust
  4. PTFE sleeved thermocouple
  5. Molded P. F. A. PTFE tank
  6. Drain (optional)
  7. Bottom located PTFE encapsulated immersion heater
  8. Liquid level sensor and heater cut-off


  • PTFE encapsulated wall hugging immersion heaters where additional tank depth is required.
  • PTFE wall hugging cooling coils.
  • Audio visual timer for monitoring etch cycle.
  • Fixed aspirator for tank drainage.
  • Manual ball valve controlled bottom drain.
  • Toggle switch controlled pneumatic valve operated bottom drain.
  • Rear liner mounted variable speed mechanical agitation system.
  • Automated transfer mechanism interfacing between etch and adjacent rinse tank, with mechanical agitation included.
  • Model W-859 digital readout temperature controller with settable over-temperature heater cut-off, and audible, visible alarm.
  • Model 2901 microcomputer based temperature controller and event timer, with acid resistant, membrane-type control panel.
T-922 Etch Tank - Heated, To 65o C

Similar to T-921 (above) but with polypropylene tank, fabricated with cornerless bottom in standard and custom sizes.