Late 1950s acrylic
environmental glovebox

1960s Microvoid® III
HLF clean air work station
for hospitals

1970s Microvoid® IV B
clean air work station
for the micro-electronics

1980s Mircovoid®
Class 10 Fume Hood

1990s Polypropylene
Fume Hoods and Casework

2000s Microvoid®
Process Station with
Robotic Transport Arm

Air Control, Inc. has been a leader in the controlled environment industry since our founding in 1959 as a division of publicly traded NARCO Scientific. Since the beginning Air Control has been an innovator in the industry, working with our clients to introduce proprietary laboratory and clean solutions.
  • 1959 - First products were controlled environmental chambers in acrylics for hospital labs.
  • Early 1960s - One of the original designers and manufacturers of laminar flow hoods.
  • 1960s - First designer and manufacturer of polypropylene wet process stations east of the Rockies.
  • 1960s - Pioneer in cleanroom technology and powder containment. Incorporated HEPA filtration into proprietary solutions.
  • 1960s and '70s - Perfected the art of polypropylene fabrication to meet the needs for equipment that could stand up to the use of caustic chemicals.
  • 1975 - Air Control, Inc. was spun off into private ownership. Design and manufacturing facilities moved to North Carolina.
  • Late 1980s - Met the challenges of the recession in the semiconductor industry by rethinking the manufacturing process, increasing efficiency and production, and reinforcing our commitment to quality control.
  • Early 1990s - Computerized our design and engineering departments
  • Mid to Late 1990s - Introduced CAD/CAM robotics into our manufacturing process.
  • 1990s - Introduced our knowledge and experience from the pharmaceutical and semiconductor markets to the general laboratory market with the introduction of polypropylene casework. 

For over 40 years as one of the original fabricators, our experience working with polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, acrylic, Lexan, stainless steel, coated steel, laminates, and other materials, position Air Control as unparalleled leaders in the quality manufacturing of cleanroom process equipment and laboratory furniture.